Mathaias Langston

Dave's character


Paunchy, mustachioed, friendly temperament, in 40’s. Gripes about the drudgery of survey work.

Left to care for Kujo, the two have formed a bond. Kujo helps Matthaias in his work as a Sharn guardsman rising in the ranks, though not entirely sober.

p. Mathaias grew up in the city with Ma’ and Pa’ Langston. Pa’ wanted to leave the drudgery of neep farming behind him to raise his herd of children among the opportunities of the big ‘ole city. Seeing as Ma’ Langston had twelve other childrens to mind it was no suprise to the nosy neighbors that more than a couple of the non favorite of the brood slipped through the decency cracks. p. Maty fell in with a rough crowd of teens during his formative years, These rascaly street toughs would run through the streets without excusing themselves, go swimming in their proper clothes instead of changing into bathing costumes, yawn during prayers, eat spicey peppers between meals, and engage in hop-scotch gambling rackets. These were the halcyon days of youth that cemented Mathaias’ combat prowess and to apply his panoply to the benefit of his companions. p. Later on, the local constabulary stumbled onto the street gambling habits of the local gangs. Planned a covert operations to infiltrate the establishment hoping to collect the taxes being dodged. In hope of rehabilitating little Maty before his 3rd strike he was enrolled in the Reclaimed Youth Guild Apprenticeship Program mucking out stables. Mathaias would claim that RYGAP saved his future. p. Years after Mathaias would raise himself up to full guild member in the Cartographers and Surveyors House specializing in lowland scrub and pine barren landscapes. Though lacking the true talent to become an in-house Carto-Master Map Transcriber Adept. The current council of C-MMTA have been sending Mr. Langston to survey rural trade highways and local chapter houses. Seeing these duties below his age and standing Mr. Langston tends to gripe over his current situation though his heart is still dedicated to the job, he keeps his inks fresh and his legends crisp.

Mathaias Langston

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