Morgrave University

Not the most academically rigorous university in Khorvaire, Morgrave has a rough-and-tumble reputation and likely has more adventurers on its faculty than any other. Its primary claim to fame is the work it has done funding the exploration of XenDrik, sending Wayfinders there who return with stories and artifacts from that mysterious continent.

Morgrave University owns much of Upper Menthis Plateau, including the many buildings not connected to the University itself.

Here’s a link to a wiki with lots of information on Morgrave University:

The Bridge

The Commons

Dezina Museum of Antiquities

The Great Hall of Aureon, a huge temple to the member of the Soveriegn Host identified with knowledge

Hadrill Gardens

Lareth Hall, topped by a huge dome where a gynosphinx named Flamewind currently lives. It is a

Morgrave University Library

Shava House

Valdain Museum of Natural History, featuring taxiderically prepared creatures from all over Khorvaire and other continents as well.

Morgrave University

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